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The AIOps platform that replaces the pain of monitoring and troubleshooting
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Actionable insights for any tech stack

ML-powered automated root cause analysis

Move past busy dashboards and confusing alerts. Using machine learning algorithms, Senser pinpoints the specific component in your workload that caused the outage or service degradation, and shows you a map of impacted components.

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Zero instrumentation using eBPF-based data collection

No need to instrument code, configure dashboards, inject sidecars, or enable any additional modules. Immediate access to infrastructure and application metrics.

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Infrastructure and application observability

Empower engineering teams with a complete view of the environment using topology graphs with overlaid application-level traffic and metrics, revealing complex dependencies.

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SLO management and automatically created SLIs

Manage your Service Level Objectives without needing to integrate with 3rd party data sources, and attach them to Service Level Indicators that were intelligently discovered by Senser’s traffic heuristics system.

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Analyze impact-chain from deployments and configuration changes

View your workload pre- and post-deployment, automatically identify impact, and correlate changes with production issues.

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What industry leaders are saying

Senser enables us to gain control over our environment with its unique zero-instrumentation approach. It takes minutes to deploy and automatically discover our complex environment. Senser uncovers unknowns and blind spots that we are not necessarily monitoring, saving precious time in identifying, analyzing and resolving service degradation issues.

Ohad Noam
Director of SRE, ConsenSys

Without any engineering effort, Senser has tremendous potential to reduce MTTD and MTTR for production issues. Whether it's an infrastructure or an application issue, you're covered. It's like having an SRE with superpowers who works 24/7 for you. It truly feels like the product is designed to work for you, instead of relying on you to maintain it.

Eli Goldberg
Director of Platform Engineering, Cybersecurity

Senser addresses a significant gap for organizations by providing the ability to triage and identify the root cause of production issues. This saves valuable time, reduces costs, and minimizes the engineering efforts invested in the troubleshooting process.

Ido Susan
Chief Executive Officer, DriveNets

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Ready to meet the new brain
of your observability stack?

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