eBPF-based data collection

Senser harnesses eBPF for non-intrusive, lightweight, deep data
collection – with zero instrumentation or configuration required.

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Get immediate visibility

Get insight into your production environment in minutes, not months. eBPF-based data collection means no manual code instrumentation or dashboard configuration required. 

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Minimize your overhead

Capture the intelligence you need without impacting system performance. eBPF-based data collection leverages just-in-time (JIT) compilation and optimized execution paths to process large volumes of data efficiently, with minimal overhead.

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Reduce your total cost of ownership

Lower the cost of operating and maintaining your observability strategy over time as your production environment evolves – no need to enable additional modules or have application/dev teams instrument new code.

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Built with security and compliance in mind

Senser is SOC 2 compliant and leverages highly secure eBPF-based data collection. eBPF programs are executed in an isolated environment (so they can’t access or modify sensitive kernel data structures) and go through a verification process before they are loaded into the kernel.

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