On a mission to
end production chaos 


Founders Amir, Yuval, and Or go back. Way back. 

Across multiple ventures spanning nearly two decades – serving together in an Israeli army tech unit and leading engineering for fast-growing companies – they’ve seen the impact of service disruptions on companies firsthand.

These companies had observability tech in place. But somehow…it never seemed to work as expected.

It took whole teams to implement and manage. It only delivered partial visibility. It delivered a flood of alerts – without any practical insights into what to do.

The result?
SRE and DevOps teams that had to jump from one fire to the next. Frustrated customers. Production chaos.

Amir Krayden


Yuval Lev


Or Sadeh


The idea for Senser was born: a company that would harness the latest in data collection technology and machine learning to make observability tech work for you – rather than the other way around.

In an era when systems are more complex than ever, Senser exists to help companies take back control of their production environments. So they can spend less time troubleshooting – and more time on the business of making their customers happy.


Shape the future of AIOps

We’re growing fast. And we’re always on the lookout for the next brilliant Senser.

If you’re curious, passionate, relentlessly focused on delivering customer value, and/or play a rock instrument
(ask Yuval about that one 😉) –

join us in forging the future of our industry.

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