AIOps for production intelligence 

Senser is the zero-instrumentation AIOps platform that SRE and DevOps teams use to instantly understand and take control of their production environments.

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The Senser Platform


eBPF-based data collection

An observability strategy typically involves manual instrumentation or configuration of dashboards. 

Senser uses eBPF for non-intrusive, lightweight, and deep data collection – with zero instrumentation or configuration required.

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Go beyond just monitoring – to business and user flow impact

Traditional observability tech is built to monitor individual layers in your tech stack.

Senser is built to answer critical business questions. The platform automatically assembles a complete picture of your environment across infrastructure, applications, networks, and APIs – and provides turnkey support for critical business goals.

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A new approach to machine learning 

SRE and DevOps teams spend a lot of time going from “what happened” to “why.”

Senser pioneered a dynamic, ML-powered graph of your evolving production environment – providing deep insights into root cause and change impact.

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