Announcing Senser’s emergence from stealth

I’m thrilled to announce that today Senser emerged from stealth – unveiling our AIOps platform and announcing a $9.5 million funding round led by Eclipse, with participation by Amdocs and private investors. 

It’s a major vote of confidence in our team and our technology. And we’re grateful to our investors and customers for joining us on this journey.  

When Yuval, Or, and I founded Senser in the end of 2021, we had a simple mission: to make it easier and faster to troubleshoot performance issues in distributed cloud environments. 

Traditional observability tech imposes massive hidden costs on enterprises. The cost to configure, customize, extend, and maintain the tech is absolutely staggering (by some benchmarks up to 30% of infra expenses). Worst of all, this doesn’t even include the massive cost of troubleshooting. What most companies get is an alert storm that tells you something is wrong – but don’t tell you why or what to do about it. 

We saw this problem firsthand at our previous company, DriveNets. I recall an incident where a customer reported slow response times from their Kubernetes control plane. Investigation uncovered that the node’s storage was nearly full, but what started this cascade? It took our team nearly 96 sleepless hours to discover that a bug was causing worker nodes to overload the control plane by sending logs continuously, rather than just when something changed. 

If we had been able to correlate the number of writes to the hard drive with how fast logs were being written to the network, we would have arrived at the root cause immediately. But without the appropriate tools, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Traditional observability approaches – including both commercial vendors and open source alternatives – are broken in two basic ways:

  • They’re painful to implement and configure, often requiring manual instrumentation or major investment in setting up dashboards, adding modules as the cloud environment evolves, etc.  
  • They focus on symptoms, not root causes 

We built Senser on top of eBPF technology to enable continuous, deep, and non-intrusive data collection with zero instrumentation required. And we pioneered a new approach to time-series machine learning (ML) to find correlations across applications, network, and infrastructure layers – so teams can immediately pinpoint root causes and reduce mean time to detect (MTTD). 

We’re excited to be working with some of the most accomplished SRE and DevOps teams across industries including cybersecurity, blockchain, e-commerce, and gaming.

So what’s next for Senser?

We’re using our funding round to make some foundational investments for growth: 

  • Building new use cases on top of our existing platform, including support for root cause analysis around FinOps and deployment changes
  • Investing in marketing and sales so that we can reach more teams struggling with the limitations of traditional observability technology
  • Expanding our partner ecosystem and community

If you’re an SRE or DevOps leader trying to monitor an increasingly complex and distributed cloud environment – and facing the steep costs, both upfront and hidden, of traditional observability technology – feel free to reach out to learn more.

Finally, if you’re an engineer looking to shape the future of AIOps, please get in touch. We’re always eager to connect with folks as passionate, curious, and, occasionally, offbeat as ourselves (just ask Yuval about his rock star alter ego!).

Thanks again to our customers and investors for believing in our vision of a world with less chaos and more production intelligence.